Tender Areca Nut

Tender Areca Nut, by Prateeksha Naik, encapsulates the saying, "In every walk with Nature, one receives far more than they seek." She draws a parallel between a fallen Areca nut and our perception of things around us.

On a beautiful evening, as I was walking in my garden, I noticed that some of the tender Areca-nuts are lying on the ground. I usually don't notice anything around the Areca-nut tree because it is a very slender and tall tree with leaves and nuts only at the very end of the tree. But today they caught my eyes, Maybe because something was very fascinating about them. Maybe they were talking to themselves… we can never know, can we? We can only imagine, we can only guess. I can say that they are very happily living beings because even after falling off from their home, they never lost their hope. They stayed beside the home and were always surrounded by other nuts of same kind.

As I observed even further, I think one elder nut might be saying," No need to worry. We may be away from our home. We may die in some days but life is about living those days to the fullest. Even when you know you are bound to have an end. Not only us, every one has an end. Just because of that we can't stop living. I think someone will find us, someone will be fascinated by us. There will always be purpose to our life. If not the way we thought of, but definitely we will be on the way to achieve it."

I wanted to convey to them, that yes, there is one girl who is really fascinated by you and will make more people to notice them, so that, those people can understand what a fallen tender Areca Nut has to tell.

This written piece is a submission made by Pratheeksha Naik, a Gen-Z participant for the Nature-writing workshop as part of the Season 1 of Gen-Z Solvers Interactive. Through the workshop conducted by Pankaj Singh, a writer and the co-founder of Faraway Originals, the participants were guided through the many ways of attending to nature, reflecting on experiences and weaving them into our shared human language, channeling nature in our words though stories, poems, riddles and essays.

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