About Worldview

Worldview is a Gen-Z focused experiential learning enterprise. We believe that the key to leadership in the 21st Century is the ‘Adaptive Capacity’ of an individual - the ability to adapt to positively leverage opportunities in ever-changing environments. 


Our experiential learning programs and initiatives immerse learners in real-world problem-solving. We use a mix of learning tools such as travel, case studies, projects, conferences, outdoors and academic simulations. These varied experiences help students develop skills such as Empathy, Creativity, Teamwork, Networking, Resilience, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Cognitive Flexibility and Decision Making.- a relevant mix of 21st-century skills which contribute towards building this Adaptive Capacity.


MUNCafé, FutureSake, NatureTurks, Prana, MUN4India, WILL, Harvard MUN India, Ivy League MUN India, WFUNA MUN India are some of Worldview’s popular programs and initiatives. The Worldview Institute of Leadership & Learning (WILL) is housed at a 65-acre farm campus in Telangana. This campus, skirted by farms, hills & boulders, nature trails and a 13th-century fort is owned, developed and managed by Worldview for its nature & outdoors programs.

Our Vision

We envision co-creating a knowledge society – one which constructs, shares, and uses knowledge for the prosperity and well-being of its people.

Our Values

Nothing can be taught.

At the very best, we are gardeners. We sow, water and nurture, but it is the seed that has to tap into its innate knowledge in order to grow. All it needs is the right environment and a little help, and we are delighted to help!


Education is continuous.

The acquisition of knowledge and skills is a continuous and gradual process, triggered by curiosity and inspiration. Our effort is to help one learn enough today, to learn better and more tomorrow. 


Learning needs to be person-centric.

Every individual is unique, with varied interests, strengths and learning needs. We understand that and keep the individual at the centre of our conversations and decisions.


We believe in the Power of Combination 

We access our network of partners and experts from across the world to increase our value proposition. School communities are our partners and knowledge societies we want to build.


Our Approach to Impact

Building a Generation of Solvers

Gen-Z is possibly one of the most empowered generations to live on the planet. Equipped with a natural comfort in using and living with technology, they are informed, aware, confident, conscious and influential. They have a deep concern for the state-of-the-world and are comfortable challenging all conventional norms of living.  


By equipping them with the right tools, capacities and skills to address these issues that they are deeply concerned about, we wish to build Gen-Z into a Generation of Solvers, or Gen-S!

Re-imagining Schools as Primary Engines of Positive Change

Schools across the world have a unique advantage to develop their students through immersions in real-world problems and also play an active role in addressing these problems with locally induced solutions with far-reaching impact. 


Schools converge large communities of people from diverse backgrounds. They also converge large tracts of land and resources. Is it possible for schools to be re-imagined as potential Community Healthcare centres, as Urban Forests, as Natural Farms, as Energy Producers, Waste Managers, Water Conservers, Bio-diversity multipliers, Economic engines, Trend makers, Microcosms of our to be smart cities and as hubs of locally focussed-globally oriented minds - Global Citizens?


We believe it is.



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