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For a year of prosperity grow grain, A decade of prosperity grow trees, and for centuries of prosperity grow people We Grow People
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Our Mission

Our Vision

We envision co-creating a wise society – one which constructs, shares, and uses knowledge for the prosperity and well-being of its people.

Our Values

Nothing can be taught
At the very best, we are gardeners. We sow, water and nurture, but it is the seed that has to tap into its innate knowledge in order to grow. All it needs is the right environment and a little help, and we are delighted to help!
Education is continuous
The acquisition of knowledge and skills is a continuous and gradual process, triggered by curiosity and inspiration. Our effort is to help one learn enough today, to learn better and more tomorrow.
Learning needs to be person centric
Every individual is unique, with varied interests, strengths and learning needs. We understand that and keep the individual at the centre of our conversations and decisions.
We believe in the Power of Combination
We access our network of partners and experts from across the world to increase our value proposition. School communities are our partners and knowledge societies we want to build.

Our Approach

Our programs and offerings are conceptualised and developed at the intersection of issues that are critical to building a progressive society in the 21st century.

Integral Approach to Experiential Education
In an Integral Approach to Education, the 5 key elements of learning - the Student, the Facilitator, Knowledge, the Means of Communication, and the Environment, all play an equal role in an individual’s development. After all, the human-being is a social construction, continuously sculpted by infinite interactions with the society and nature. Experiences, direct and indirect, are the most crucial elements for the development of an individual, making education a continuous process of deriving meaning from them. It is a process of preparing an individual for the future, by making them experience it in the present. The Great Aristotle once famously said that for the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.

We recognise this and take all these five elements into cognizance in order to Make Learning Experiential. We immerse the participant in a direct experience and focused reflection in order to increase knowledge, develop skills and clarify values.
Person-Centric Approach to un-tap Creative Potential
Each Individual is unique, and so is their approach to self-development. This makes it necessary to engage and involve each of the participants in their own learning. It is important for each of them to have the ability to make a choice based on their interests and experiences. We understand this and foster an environment where the participants feel comfortable taking risks and thinking out of the box to find solutions, allowing them to pursue their creativity without feeling judged or criticised. We actively cultivate creativity in participants through the medium of their choice.

Learning Spaces

The Environment is the most subtle element of education.  It is the most powerful and neglected one as well. It moulds us unconsciously, bypassing the filters of awareness. Many research studies have indicated that the subconscious soaks rapidly from the physical environment, transforming an individual’s personality. At Worldview, the creation of a vibrant, positive and conducive environment is integral to our delivery. We focus on the various layers of the environment- including the physical and the psychological, to empower an individual to explore personal potential and develop a powerful adaptive capacity.

Our office, the learning café

A journey into the various transformations of the Worldview HQ in Hyderabad reflecting the organisation’s journey

Golden Boulder Campus

Worldview’s outdoor learning centre, The Golden Boulder (TGB) is a 60-acre farm campus abutting reserve forests, hills and a 13th-century garrison fort.

Corporate Citizenship