Over the past 10 years, Worldview has delivered more than 35,000 learning experiences across various programs in India, USA, Singapore, China, London, Korea, Spain, Australia among others.

Here are some appearances in the news and other media.

Worldview believes Schools can be Primary Engines of Sustainable Urbanization


February 08, 2018

Worldview Education, a Hyderabad born experiential learning focused organisation has designed an innovative long-term approach to precisely achieve this. Worldview believes that students and schools can be the big solution. Terming 'Schools as the Primary engines of Positive Change', Sampreeth Reddy, Managing Director of Worldview Education, said "They have developed various experiential learning programs for students with an aim to trigger a curiosity and a creative thinking process in students to find solutions to the challenges we face in making our cities more sustainable."

Bringing Urban Planning to School Children

The Hindu

May 11, 2018

“Students find it difficult to address the problems by themselves. Hence, giving them a live example will trigger action and will also give them an inspiration and a better understanding of the benefits that they'll earn if the problems are solved in their environment,” Aditya Soma, Executive Director and Chief Marketing Officer of Worldview.

Reimagining The Future of Education

BW Education

May 08, 2018

The immediate question from a patient, interested and concerned member of these kinds of campus cafe discussions is ‘So What Next?’ Yes, we need a better model. Agreed. But which one? How can we develop that perfect one which works for everyone?

Companies That Are Changing The Way Education Is Delivered to Students

Deccan Chronicle

March 26, 2019

Worldview is listed in Deccan Chronicle's list of companies that are changing the way education is being delivered to children.

NSS Hill Spring International Win in China Again!

The Afternoon

April 09, 2019

A delegation from NSS Hill Spring International School, Mumbai represented the school in Harvard Model UN China 2019 and secured the Outstanding Large Delegation award for the second year in a row in a conference spanning over 1000 students across 14 countries.

Look Beyond Textbooks

The Hindu

March 08, 2019

A great education is one in which the child learns to observe, predict, understand, think critically and intensively and apply his/her education to solve challenges and contribute to moving society forward. That is how we will transform Gen-Z into a generation of solvers. It is not an over-reliance on any single method but a balanced amalgamation of varied learning methods that will get us there. Sampreeth Reddy, CEO of Woldview authors this article for The Hindu.

Gen-Z & Sustainable Cities - What can you do this Summer?

The Statesman

April 17, 2019

The largest 5000 urban-private schools within the most populated cities in India converge anywhere around 7.5 million households. Children in each of these 7.5 million households can influence how their families live. Educators & School Principals can ask their students to take up this summer activity of making their families more sustainable and contributors in making our cities more livable. Household structures today have been democratized and children hold a lot of influence in the decision-making process within homes. By turning each of these Gen-Z members into Solvers for building Sustainable Cities, we can make our cities more livable and also more importantly, transform Gen-Z into a Generation of Solvers!

Of Hygiene & Human Truths

India Today

May 25, 2019

India Today interviews Lusha Jetley, a Gen-Z from Delhi who is advocating safe menstrual hygiene and reproductive practice in low income areas and among the homeless. Lusha started the 'Wonder Woman' project as part of Worldview's Act2Impact initiative at HMUN India 2018.

Time to get your hands on learning

Deccan Herald

September 12, 2018

The introduction of experiential learning has enabled children to look beyond their classrooms and work out their own unique strategy with the help of a teacher, rather than following a standard pattern, to derive an answer and interpret the subject ...

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