It's the year 2020. Generation Z population in India is close to 390 million and 2.56 billion globally. The collective prowess of Gen-Z has the potential to make massive and viral positive impact on communities all over. Now more than ever is it essential for this generation to be equipped with the right tools and a global mindset to be able to solve the world's most pressing issues. 


We envision facilitating transformative learning experiences which will not only sensitize people to global challenges but also equip them to solve them. We don't just want to understand them but also want to be the best possible catalyst for them to discover and unleash their intrinsic leadership potential. We want them to become a Generation of Solvers! (Gen-S)


Gen-Z is living in a world that is changing faster every moment than it ever did. They will face several global challenges in their paths even as they are poised to convert them into opportunities. They need to adapt and positively leverage from these fast-changing environments.


Our programs immerse students in understanding some of the biggest challenges facing our world today and engage them in finding solutions to these challenges. 



We believe that 'Adaptive Capacity' is the key to Leadership, especially to solve the unique challenges of the 21st Century. A variety of experiential-learning tools are used in our programs to help students develop this 'Adaptive Capacity'.

Travel to where the action is. 

Simulate, step into the shoes of global solvers.

Network with peers from around the world.

Stories of people, organizations and cities.

Collaborate with peers to design & deliver Projects which directly solve problems.

Learning to Survive 

in a forest while understanding why we must preserve them.

Discussing & deliberating on the Future at the peak of a mountain, after a hike.

Growing your own food, Conserving Water.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, through its Education for Justice (E4J) initiativ,e has been collaborating with Worldview Education in the organization of Model United Nations simulations and youth engagement in support of the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG 16 (“Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies”).


Worldview Education has demonstrated a strong commitment to promoting new forms of education, including by spreading knowledge on the SDGs. I hereby state that this collaboration has been instrumental to have youth think of ways through which they can promote justice in innovative ways and support their future undertakings.

Mr. Gilberto Antonio Duarte Santos

Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer

E4J Initiative, UNODC


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