Dialogues for Universal Wellness & You

for Universal Wellness & You

Today our society has come face-to-face with long-term challenges surrounding health, inequality and climate change. The force of nature has put our adaptive capacities to test and the unheard clarion calls of the past have now become immediate priorities of people, their families and shared communities.

Organizations around the world are taking measures to reset, refresh and rejuvenate their people to better equip them for a more sustainable and healthy post COVID19 world.

At Worldview, we believe in fueling curiosities and creating channels for introspection of one's own wellness and values one adds to the society. The resounding impact that one eventually creates leads to a positive change in the society,



by Worldview

The Prana Interactive is a unique platform to converge diversity in thought, conversations worth life-long learning and an opportunity for organizations to align their goals with the environment and the well-being of their people.


As we resume life on a 'new normal', it becomes more important now than ever before to re-imagine our impact and the value we bring to ourselves, our immediate environment at work, home and to the community. Prana enables individuals, working professionals and organizations to tap into and accelerate their growth mindset by re-aligning their focus on the fundamentals of fitness, food and forests that contribute to our overall well-being.

Explore Topics

We have carefully chosen topics that we believe are essential for the wellness of our mind, body and soul and how it connects with the environment at home, work and our aspirations for the future. Stay tuned for updates on live webinars, workshops and more!

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Future on our Side

Explore perspectives of career aspirations and insights into industry futures through dialogues between Industry leaders and Gen-Z (the future workforce of every organization)

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Food Puzzles - a 21st century telltale

Interact with experts and gain valuable insight on the conscious selection of food, understanding the importance of local produce and how what we eat impacts our health & well-being.

Re-imagine the Fundamentals

With dialogues & curated exercises, re-align yourself with the fundamentals of human ecosystem - Food, Fitness & Forests, i.e. the interaction with nature, culture and the world around.

Meditation by the Sea


Awareness & Sensitization for

All-inclusive ActioN

Understand the interconnections between efficiency at work and your well-being. Join the conversation with experts around health, wellness and how it impacts your work.

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Who should attend and what you take away

While anyone and everyone can attend and gain insight from the dialogues and workshops, the Prana Interactive has been specially curated for working professionals, organizations and their management teams, parents of children and the newest workforce in companies, the Gen-Z!

The Prana Interactive works as a segue into Worldview's corporate wellness programs. Organizations and working professionals can dive deeper into these topics.

Prana Interactive creates a medium of discovery to add values to your lifestyles, your home and your workplace.

Our team of experts will guide you in understanding your body, culture and your relationships with your environments enabling you to form healthier lifestyles.

We have witnessed the healing process of nature during this lockdown. This presents us with a beautiful opportunity to appreciate and re-imagine coexistence with nature, leading towards an eco-friendly lifestyle for us and our families.

Bite-sized Learning

Access a whole bunch of short bite-sized courses on topics around food, art, culture, sustainability, healthy living, exclusively curated by experts across various walks of life. 



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