Vidyaranya is an experiential learning program that explores how to harness the 'power of an experience'. Set in the outdoors, the program is an immersive, residential workshop which focuses on understanding the necessary skills to facilitate learning through experiences.


Guided by a diverse set of educators united in their belief in experiential learning, Vidyaranya is a step towards building a cross-cultural community of students, teachers, trainers and coaches that fosters the sharing of knowledge, experiences, and togetherness as part of the broader transformation that education is going through worldwide.


If you’re a student who wants to kickstart your journey in the field of education, outdoors or both.

If you’re a teacher who wants to dive deep into the realm of experiential learning.

If you're a working professional who wants to lead and moderate group discussions.

To share knowledge with a community of experiential learning educators.

The Vidyaranya Community

The structure and process of education around the world has constantly been evolving, and the educators of today need to recognise and embrace the right tools and a global mindset to engage with the youth of today. Vidyaranya has been envisioned with a belief that education is the key to solving some of the world’s most pressing issues and each one of us can contribute by facilitating awareness among youth of their own communities and its needs.

The Vidyaranya community provides opportunities for members to connect, inspire, collaborate and innovate while we pick up the best practices from one another in growing the capabilities in facilitating learning experiences.


JUNE:  14th to 16th     |  21st to 23rd     |  28th to 30th
JULY:  5th to 7th    |    AUGUST:  2nd to 4th

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The Golden Boulder

This 60 acre campus is skirted by farms, hills & boulders, nature trails, Khilla Ghanpur (a 13th Century Fort), and is in close proximity to the Nallamala forest, Kolisagar Dam and Koilkonda Fort. The Golden Boulder campus is an ideal habitat to explore your reciprocal relationship with Nature, participate in outdoor activities and engage in a host of other inquisitive learning engagements, thus making it the perfect setting for the Vidyaranya program.

Meet The Team

Arun Raj

A backpacker and nature lover with a deep interest in indigenous tribes, Arun has 10 years of experience in designing experiential learning programs and leading groups in wilderness settings. He has worked on various conservation projects involving tiger, forests and tribals in the Telangana region. When he's not busy with all of the above, he tends to his thriving vegetable garden or has endless conversations about health and fitness.

Pavana Rao

Pavana has over 7 years of experience in student engagement and experiential education, is a PADI certified Rescue Diver and a certified First Aider from RLSS. She worked at Google for two years before her inception into the Worldview family. An avid outdoor enthusiast and adventure junkie, she has done several treks and is a passionate advocate for sustainable environments. A Potterhead by religion, she is an avid reader and has a palette for exotic vegetarian cuisine.

Jehangir Chinoy

Jehangir, better known as Jango, is an FAA & DGCA certified commercial pilot and has even spent a summer bush-flying in Alaska on floats, skis and bush wheels. His formative years were spent at the foothills of the Himalayas where he developed a lifelong love for the outdoors and the human challenges that come with it. He is obsessed with grooming his precious 16-year old Leatherman knife, occasionally walks on his hands and would be happy to eat fruits all day, everyday.


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