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Take Action!

At Worldview, we’ve been on a constant journey to address some of the pressing problems in our society such as climate change, healthcare or urban sustainability - be it by building a Generation of Solvers through our experiential learning programs or with initiatives such as WILL Forest 2025 as a part of which we’ve planted over 25,000 trees in the past 3 years at our campus in Telangana, India. 

As we all sit at home, locked down and helping flatten the corona-curve, here are some ways to continue taking action.

Saving Water
Reducing Plastic
Energy conservation
Urban Gardening
Waste Segregation
Eco Love
Clean the cloud!
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If you are taking any of the actions listed above,  we would love to share your story! If you would want us to showcase your actions on our platforms, kindly ensure the following: 

  • Regularly document your activities, with photos and videos, which you may share with us!

  • Upload your best stories on social media and tag us: (@WorldviewEdu) We are on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

  • Send us your stories directly to our email address, with the subject ‘Taking Action - Your Name’

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