Dialogues for the post #COVID19 world

April 26 to May 5, 2020


Dialogues for the post #COVID19 World

The novel Coronavirus has altered the concept of life for everyone around the world, possibly more so than any other event in the past 100 years. The "normal" for a range of issues be it globally, locally or within your homes is perhaps set to be redefined. From international relations between nation, human interaction with nature to relationships within our families and homes, questions arise as to what the future holds. 


The Season One of the Gen Z Solvers Interactive has been designed to give YOU, our Gen Z Solvers a chance to get an insight into some of these questions, a platform to discuss your thoughts with your peers from around the world and in parts to simply cut you off from the current (locked-down) reality to explore the beauty and positivity that can be found in our immediate environment :)


by Worldview

Gen-Z Solvers Interactive is an initiative of Worldview to facilitate inspiring, informative and interactive dialogues for Generation Z by bringing together stakeholders from academia, industry, multilateral organisations, research bodies, civil society, governments and of course Gen-Z. The dialogues focus on 21st-century issues at the intersection of Global Diplomacy, Sustainable Future-Ready Habitats, Environmental Conservation, Healthcare and Technology. 


Join us live from your homes as you engage in exclusive discussions with naturalists, artists, think-tanks, humanitarian and sustainability focused organizations about a range of exciting topics. These are not classes but conversations worth all the lifelong learning. Check them out! 

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Bite-sized Learning

Access a whole bunch of short bite-sized courses on topics around food, art, culture, sustainability, healthy living, exclusively curated for Gen-Z by leaders across various walks of life. 


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