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The In-Between

Updated: May 4, 2020

Sitting here on the terrace

There’s a feeling of both

Isolation and togetherness.

Feeling of being part of

Something magnificent

Yet so small.

There’s a feeling of calmness

Along with a wide spread eeriness.

Birds return home

And the stars pop out.

Such contrasting canvas

Where the sun goes

And the moon comes out.

Azaan echoes in this dreamy world.

O! What a balanced state I’ve found.

Nature expresses in colour, in bloom, in roars and chirps, in gushes and gurgles of water and even through human thought and imagination. We all have our languages of expressions. As humans, we share the written script across our species, even if varying in languages. How does the human language come to share the stories of nature?

This written piece is an anonymous submission made by a Gen-Z participant for the Nature-writing workshop as part of the Season 1 of Gen-Z Solvers Interactive.

Through the workshop conducted by Pankaj Singh, a writer and the co-founder of Faraway Originals, the participants were guided through the many ways of attending to nature, reflecting on experiences and weaving them into our shared human language, channeling nature in our words though stories, poems, riddles and essays.

If you would like to write a piece and submit to us, write to info@worldview.global

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