In a very short period of time, humanity has moved from the industrial revolution to a technical revolution where we are largely disconnected from nature. Research has returned clear indicators that time with nature improves our physical, psychological, cognitive, social and spiritual well being.

Just as we are beginning to appreciate the variety and complexity of human health benefits that stem from experiencing nature and, more specifically, biodiversity, we are reaching a critical point in human history where biodiversity and habitat losses are accelerating due to increased human use, climate change, and rampant development. If this generation cannot help to reverse some of these negative effects, the future of the planet is in peril.

NatureTurks is an Environment Conservation focussed learning initiative. The programs of NatureTurks sensitise students about the adverse human impact on the environment even as they equip them with relevant knowledge, skills & capacities to positively impact their immediate communities. All the learning programs of NatureTurks are delivered at The Golden Boulder Campus of Worldview Institute of Learning & Leadership (WILL), a 60-acre farm campus abutting reserve forests, hills and a 13th-century garrison fort. The key engagement areas in the various programs of NatureTurks are:


  • Culture & Tradition of our co-existence with the environment.

  • Farming & Food.

  • Nature Appreciation through outdoor & adventure activities.

  • Forests & Bio-diversity.

  • Water Conservation.


CAST Away is a Nature appreciation program that takes students through a journey of cultures, traditions and practices that are in sync with nature and its quirks. Students get the opportunity to know themselves and their impact on the environment, and thus be able to make informed decisions to influence issues affecting their day-to-day life.

Farming & Forest Program

This program takes students on a journey of mapping the impact of different farming practices on the ecosystems around them. How can we realize the growing needs by pursuing a landscape approach - recognizing that agriculture, water, forests and food security are all connected. Students delve into understanding the real world issues of ensuring food for everyone, building solutions while addressing Ecological, Cultural and Socio-Economic implications.

Learning Elements




Geocaching Orientation





Farming & Plantation

Rapelling/ Ziplining


Set amidst hills and boulders at Shapur village in Khilla Ghanpur Mandal, Worldview Institute of Learning & Leadership (WILL) at The Golden Boulder (TGB) campus offers a vibrant opportunity to explore several outdoor elements. This 60 acre outdoor learning campus is skirted with farms, hills & boulders, nature trails, Khilla Ghanpur (a 13th century fort) and is in close proximity to the Nallamala forest, Koilsagar Dam and the Koilkumda Fort.

Worldview Institute of Learning & Leadership (WILL) is a 21st century leadership idea by Worldview aimed at cultivating and maintaining a society of participatory leadership, inquisitive learning & integrated development for a diverse range of people. WILL immerses participants in direct experiences and strategic thought, focused on increasing knowledge, developing skills and clarifying values.

WILL at The Golden Boulder is Worldview's outdoor learning campus and is equipped with all the amenities and elements to host all our learning programs that involve a context of nature and learning from it.

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