Worldview's Global Citizenship programs are designed to help students understand the complex & interdependent nature of the global community- one in which our choices and actions have a deep impact on the lives of other members of this community around the world. To understand this, young people need to build a high level of empathy, be willing to build consensus through compromise, value different perspectives and develop a passion to solve challenges. Through active learning that pushes students to step outside their comfort zones and exposes them to collaborate in multi-cultural, global contexts; our programs aim to equip students with the skills and qualities to begin their global citizenship journey.


Until 2017, Worldview's Global Citizenship programs such as MUNX, GMAP, MUNtor, HMUN India, ILMUNC India, WIMUN India were offered under our brand MUNCafé. Tap on the logos below to read more about some of our current programs & initiatives. 

Our Programs

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Brenden Varma

Dept of Public Information,

United Nations HQ, New York

When you meet students who are actually from different nations at a Model UN, it raises the bar. And that's what the United Nations is all about.

Vikas Swarup

Former Official Spokesperson & Joint Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India

In many senses, the Model UN is also a skilling exercise. You are skilling students in the art of compromise, discussion, debate and understanding issues.

Future Leaders Program

Future Leaders Program(FLP) is a Global Citizenship Development learning initiative. The key objective of this initiative is to develop in students a comprehensive understanding of various global issues and the associated intricate challenges in identifying acceptable solutions. Curated in some of the global power & financial centres of the world like New York, Washington D.C, Boston, SFO, Beijing, London, Shanghai, New Delhi and Los Angeles, the program encompasses:

  • World’s best academic simulations of the United Nations (including many historic Model UNs).

  • Exclusive Interactions with Global Think-Tanks.

  • Interactive explorations & sessions with students of some of the top universities.

  • Networking opportunities with peers from across the world.​


Learning Elements


& Interactions

Academic Simulations

like Model UN

Global University


Historical & Cultural Immersions

North America

Harvard Model UN

Yale Model UN

MIT MUN Conference

Ivy League MUN Conference

WFUNA International MUN

North American Invitational MUN

Cornell MUN Conference

Princeton MUN Conference

Bruin MUN

Berkeley MUN


Harvard MUN India

Ivy League MUN Conference India

WFUNA International MUN India

Oxford MUN Singapore

Harvard MUN Dubai

Harvard MUN China


Yale MUN Korea


Oxford International Model UN

Yale Model Government Europe

MUN for India is a series of local Model UN conferences across the country organized by Worldview Education, to provide equitable opportunity to all, and to develop a generation of youth leaders who will participate in India’s future, by improving the accessibility, quality and scope of MUN, for India.


  • Zero Registration Cost

  • Local Chapters in every State

  • Knowledge partnerships with leading universities and think tanks

  • Standardized training and preparatory support

  • Build Model UN into a leadership development platform

  • Connect the youth to the nation through dialogue

  • Showcase excellence by publishing conference outcomes

MUN For India


Moments from Past Programs



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