It's 10 years since we set off on a journey to grow Gen-Z; we are only getting started.

35,000+ experiences

delivered to Gen-Z using our unique learning tools.

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400+ schools

from 25 countries

around the world continue to believe and support us in shaping Gen-Z into a generation of global citizens.

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We've pioneered 

Geography-based learning

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Gen-Z Coalition

We're on a mission

to transform 1000 schools in India

into epicenters of positive change, and in turn impact 1.5 million families.

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We need to re-imagine schools as potential Community Healthcare centres, as Urban Forests, as Natural Farms, as Energy Producers, Waste Managers, Water Conservers, Bio-diversity multipliers, Economic engines, Trend makers, Microcosms of our to-be smart cities and as hubs of locally focussed-globally oriented minds — Global Citizens. And in this process, we will have the unique opportunity to provide true education to produce not just a bunch of solvers and inventors like we do now, but an entire Generation of Solvers. Sampreeth Reddy, CEO



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