Adaptive Capacity is the Key to Leadership

We believe that the most critical aspect of Leadership is the Adaptive Capacity of an individual - the ability to adapt quickly to positively leverage the opportunities in fast changing environments. We trigger this growth in Adaptive Capacity through a variety of carefully structured Experiential Learning programs which engage the students in working towards solutions for the challenges we face in our Local & Global communities.

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Our Initiatives

MUNCafé is a brand of Worldview Education offering Global Citizenship Development programs for school students, that designs, develops and delivers enriching Model UN experiences with a focus on personal, academic & professional development. Some programs include Future Leaders Program, MUN For India, Global MUN Ambassadors Program and MUNTOR.

Future Leaders Program (FLP)  is a Global Citizenship Development learning initiative. The key objective of this initiative is to develop in students a comprehensive understanding of various global issues and the associated intricate challenges in identifying acceptable solutions. Curated in some of the global power & financial centres of the world like New York, Washington D.C, Boston, SFO, Beijing, London, Shanghai, New Delhi and Los Angeles, the program encompasses:

  • World’s best academic simulations of the United Nations (including many historic Model UNs).

  • Exclusive Interactions with Global Think-Tanks.

  • Interactive explorations & sessions with students of some of the top universities.

  • Networking opportunities with peers from across the world


These immersive engagements build the skills & capacities in them which could help them in addressing & adapting to these challenges in the future.

FutureSake is learning initiative focussed on how our future Habitats can be Smart & Sustainable. The learning modules of FutureSake are designed to trigger curiosity and activate creative thought processes amongst participants even as they engage with the environmental realities of their home city followed by an intense research expedition to study Singapore- one of the world’s most sustainable cities. 

In Singapore they explore the latest innovations in the various building blocks of a smart city including Water, Waste, Biodiversity, Land Use, Food, Energy and Mobility. The last stage of the program facilitates the student groups to come together and execute a project around any of these building blocks in their influence zones namely their home, neighbourhood or the school. Some of the successful and best case practices are showcased at our Global Conferences annually.

Nature Turks is an Environment Conservation focussed learning initiative. The programs of Nature Turks sensitise students about the adverse human impact on environment even as they equip them with relevant knowledge, skills & capacities to positively impact their immediate communities. The key engagement areas in the various programs of Nature Turks are:

  • Culture & Tradition of our co-existence with the environment.

  • Farming & Food.

  • Nature Appreciation through outdoor & adventure activities.

  • Forests & Biodiversity.

  • Water Conservation


Post these engagements the students are encouraged to execute projects in their influence zones namely their home, neighbourhood or the school. Some of the successful and best case practices are showcased at our Global Conferences annually.

Prana is an initiative of Worldview Education, to help enhance one’s life and reach a higher quality of living in terms of health habits. We believe that healthy living is about making healthy choices every day; healthy choices that keep us fit physically, mentally and spiritually. Its elements- Farming, Food, Fitness and Forest- what we call the four pillars of Prana, represents the balance in life, which is the ultimate goal of this program.

Worldview Institute of Learning & Leadership (WILL) is a unique 21st century leadership idea conceived and developed by Worldview. The vision is to cultivate and maintain a society of participatory leadership, inquisitive learning & integrated development for a diverse range of people. In seeking to realize the full creative power & potential within, WILL immerses the participant in direct experiences and strategic thought, focussed on increasing knowledge, developing skills and clarifying values. It hence, develops an environment where participants feel comfortable taking risks & thinking out of the box.




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