Let's delete unnecessary emails and photos!

Let's #CleanTheCloud!

According to reports, 2,899,522 emails are sent in a second across the world. By the time you finished reading this sentence, there are about 20,277,705 such emails sent and over 67% of them are spam or single-use emails.

A single newsletter in your inbox may generate up to 10g of CO2 emissions! We’ll let you do the math!*

Plus, it’s reported that over 3 billion images are shot on smartphones every day! Many of those are duplicate, unnecessary or single-use and are just resting there on the cloud consuming tons of energy!

What Can You Do?

Assuming you're safe at home, we thought we could turn you into Sofa Solvers, save the climate while you warm up that couch. Here are some things you can do to contribute towards reducing CO2 emissions while you #StayHome -

  • Clean up that inbox Get rid of all that junk in your inbox. Delete those unwanted emails and Unsubscribe to that unending list of unwanted Newsletters in your mail.

  • Clean up that Drive Get rid of unwanted files, photos and videos backed up on your cloud storage (Google Photos, Apple Photos, Google Drive and/or any other online file hosting platform) Do you really need 15 pictures of that sunset?

Emails Cleared: 3,17,648

Data Cleared: 88,460 MB

Why are we doing this?


At Worldview, we’ve been on a constant journey to address some of the pressing problems in our society such as climate change, healthcare or urban sustainability- be it by building a generation fo solvers through our experiential learning programs, or with initiatives such as WILL* Forest 2025 as part of which we’ve planted over 25,000 trees in the past 3 years at our campus in Telangana, India. 

As we sat at home, locked down and cut off from our passionate Gen Z Solvers, bouncing off different ideas to continue taking some action towards addressing environmental challenges, this idea of a #CloudCleanUp struck! (incidentally and not surprisingly on an email thread that has since been deleted :)). So we thought why not!

*Worldview Institute of Learning & Leadership

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