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Join a community of teenagers in an entrepreneurship challenge to prepare India’s cities for tomorrow!


By 2040, nearly 65% of the global population will be living in cities. The resources, infrastructure and institutions that currently power our cities will need to be completely rethought if we are to create a sustainable future. Your future. 


Cities of Tomorrow offers you, the Gen-Z solvers an immersive, entrepreneurial experience essential to fuel the thinking we need to re-imagine our cities. 


With practical learning, hands-on experimentation, diverse interactions and a spirit of community, Cities of Tomorrow promises a challenging, multi-disciplinary experience that will stretch your imagination and lay the groundwork for your role in defining what it takes to build a sustainable future city. 

Join Others Like You To Create The Cities Of Tomorrow!

Cities of Tomorrow is for school students who want to build their profile as changemakers by gaining practical exposure to the present challenges and future solutions to create smarter cities.

If you are between ages 13-18 and interested in

Global Impact

Environmental Issues


Business & Entrepreneurship

Making Like-Minded Friends

Then the Cities of Tomorrow Challenge is for YOU!

Cities of


The challenge

Cities of Tomorrow is designed as a competition where you will learn about the 8 pillars that make a city smart and execute projects around these pillars. The winners of the Cities of Tomorrow Challenge stand a chance to receive funding and support that will help in manifesting YOUR unique idea into reality!

8 pillars of smart city

Health & Safety
Culture & Heritage


of The challenge



The M.A.D. Lab

The M.A.D Lab offers a lively environment for participants to equip themselves with interactive content on the 8 pillars, sustainability, and cities in general to come up with team projects. Full of activities and opportunities to discuss, beta-test and meet virtually with other participants, the M.A.D Lab is our most eventful stage and ends with the Solver Unwind Weekend, an unofficial graduation for everyone to virtually let their hair down and have some fun! 

The Future Cities Bootcamp

Projects shortlisted from the M.A.D Lab will enter the Future Cities Bootcamp, where the selected teams will connect with subject matter experts whose real-life knowledge will help take their ideas to the next level.


The Entrepreneurship Summit

Shortlisted teams from the previous stage will take part in an engaging series of sessions in leadership and entrepreneurship aimed at building future cities. The teams will present to a select panel of industry experts and the winners stand a chance to get the funding and support they need to turn their idea into reality! 

Reimagine your city

One Fun-filled Activity At A Time

Cities of Tomorrow promises an experience where learning, execution and teamwork all come together in an engaging journey spread out over several weeks. The activities are designed keeping individuals, teams and the larger community in mind. 

For the



DIY Challenges

Role-playing & Games

Talent Shows

City Analyses

Comprehensive Course Material

For the


Game Nights

Team-based Challenges

Virtual School Exchanges

For the

Solver community

Art Workshops

Dance Therapy Sessions

Community-wide Debates

Community Challenges

Unscripted Chat Sessions

Panel Discussions


Partners & supporters

Project Management Partner:

Piller Partners:

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