AIM, the Act2Impact Model UN, an initiative of Worldview, provides young school students with a unique learning experience to develop an entrepreneurial and solution-oriented mindset by engaging them using powerful learning tools like Model United Nations (MUN), Interactive Webinars and Project Management Workshops to facilitate impact-oriented social innovation.

AIM is being hosted in association with The Georgetown University's International Relations Association and the Model UN of the University of Chicago, in partnership with Marico Innovation Foundation, Ban Ki-moon Centre for​ ​Global Citizen, Project Management Institution​ ​Education Foundation among many others.

MUN Dates:

November 20th to 22nd




Develop universally acceptable proposals to solve some of the pressing global issues

Build Your Student Profile, Gain New Skills & Express Yourself!

With a calendar packed with interactive webinars, project management, creative challenges and MUN Events, AIM promises a transformative experience that will be the highlight of your schooling career. Listen to what the participants in our previous MUN programs have to say.

"In a world full of opinions and bias, MUN taught me to express myself and stay true!"

Ashima Pargal


"Model UN has been the most defining set of experiences I had in high school"

Unnayan Mishra


"Model UN provides a potent podium to the youth who wish to make the world a better place"

Radhika Rishi