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The global MUN community is estimated to have over a million knowledgeable, smart, curious and empathetic Gen-Z participants who understand the complex nature of the challenges that the world faces. We believe that with the right skillset and experiences, this community can nurture the problem-solvers within them and become Champions of the Sustainable Development Goals! 
With the vision of rallying the vast, global community of Model United Nations participants and schools to utilise the skills & knowledge developed through role-playing (Acting) in MUN committees towards taking action (Impacting) in societies, Worldview had launched the Act2Impact campaign back in 2017.  
We believe every young mind of today carries ideas to create a positive impact in their local communities and with this vision in mind, we would like to introduce you to the Impact Initiative, a uniquely created learning experience by Worldview where students will work towards ideation of projects aiming to solve a specific problem in their local community.  


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