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Technical Instruction Workshop

Outdoor Adventure & Rope Courses
June 8th - 10th, 2018


The Technical Instruction Workshop - Outdoor Adventure & Rope Courses will take you through the basics of adventure practices, understanding of equipment, knots, and setting up rope course activities which match international standards. In addition to the theoretical sessions, we will also conduct practical sessions under the supervision of the instructors. You also have the opportunity to learn how to conduct group briefings before an adventure activity, which plays a crucial role in gaining the participants’ trust.

This workshop would be facilitated by professionals who have experience in conducting several technical training programs, experiential learning programs, and high altitude treks. The instructors are certified by renowned institutions such as National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) & Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM). This workshop provides a platform to participants to share and discuss various adventure sport practices and the scope to go further in the domain.


Rope Skills

Learn about rope management - avoid unnecessary jumbling of ropes near the activity area, knots & their impact on breaking strength, right way to coil, and how to conduct maintenance of rope.

Equipment Usage

Learn intricate details of outdoor equipment and their usage  - right ways to wear harnesses, clipping angles of carabiners, and optimum usage of equipment for longer shelf life.


Learn about SERENE anchor, anchor piece selection, importance of equalization, right way to provide back-up, aligning anchor to the fall line, and efficient & redundant anchors


Learn about providing safety to a fellow adventurer with essential rope management skill required


Learn to identify and make use of the cardinal direction without the help of compass, learn navigation with the help of compass, and how to conduct a activity for any age group using navigation skills

Map Reading

Brief and a beginner session introduction to map reading and its elements,  different types of maps, and identifying features on map.

Risk Assessment

Accidents can be avoided through proactive risk assessment of the learning environments, learn how to assess the levels of risks and take decisions accordingly.

Briefing & debriefing

Gaining participants trust and reinforcing the feeling of achievement are two important aspect for any kind of adventure activity and this can be achieved with right way of conducting briefing and debriefing.

Who Can Attend?

This workshop is designed for people of age group between 18 to 30 year old, who have genuine interest towards outdoor and nature and also for people who are looking to make career in the field of outdoors.

Key Benefits

  • Talk with experts in order to make career decisions

  • Chance of creating a standardised practise in your region

  • Get to know what’s happening in the field of adventure world over


  • Safer approach towards any adventure practices

  • Learn about backup and rescue procedure

  • Selecting right equipment for specific adventure activity

  • How to conduct briefing before any activity to gain participant trust

Facilitator Team

Arun Raj

With a certificate in Experiential Education & Practice, a certified First Aider from RLSS, Arun has 9 years of experience in designing and conducting outdoor learning programs, facilitation and leading groups in wilderness setting and consulting.

Shreeram Iyengar

Wilderness first responder and Trip Leaders India from NOLS and Search N Rescue certified from NIM. Shreeram has conducted several training workshop around safe practices in Maharashtra. He also volunteered in rescue & relief operation in Nepal.

Pavana Rao

A certified Trainer-Rescue Diver, a certified First Aider from RLSS, Pavana has years of experience in student engagement and experiential education. An avid outdoor enthusiast and adventure junkie, she has done several treks and is passionate about animals, environment and books.


Fill out the simple form and we will review and get back to you with confirmation. After filling the form you’ll get a call for a casual interview, just to know your knowledge base and interest depending on which we will decide your participation for the workshop. The procedure is as such because we are looking determined and keen participants who could take this knowledge and apply it on regular basis.

If you are selected to attend the workshop, a fee of 4,000 INR is to be paid which covers your transport from and back to Hyderabad, accommodation at the campus and meals.


Jehangir Chinoy

A Commercial Pilot License holder, a certified Life Saver badge holder by RLSS, a certified Scuba Diver and a Level 3 in Accelerated Freefall Skydiving, Jahangir is an outdoor and adventure enthusiast. Having spent his early years in the foothills of Himalayas, he developed a lifelong love for the outdoors.

Bir Singh Bisht

A certified First Aider (RLSS) and a Mountaineer, Bir has years of experience conducting and facilitating outdoor adventure activities. Born and brought up in the hills of Uttarakhand, Bir has facilitated several treks and has a strong connection with the outdoors.

Jayendra Khobragade

A Wilderness First Responder, a certified Trip Leader India from NOLS, Jayendra has been working with Safe Climbing Initiative for years. Jayendra also has over 4 years of experience in adventure activity instruction and facilitation in international outdoor setups.


Set amidst hills and boulders at Shapur village in Khilla Ghanpur Mandal, Worldview Institute of Learning & Leadership (WILL) at The Golden Boulder (TGB) campus offers a vibrant opportunity to explore several outdoor elements. This 60 acre outdoor learning campus is skirted with farms, hills & boulders, nature trails, Khilla Ghanpur (a 13th century fort) and is in close proximity to the Nallamala forest, Koilsagar Dam and the Koilkumda Fort


Accommodation and meals during the days of the workshop will be provided at the Campus and is included in the fee. Travel arrangements to and fro Hyderabad the the Campus will be provided and is included in the fee.


If you need more information about the workshop, write to us at

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