India is expected to have a Gen-Z population of over 390 million by the year 2020 - a generation that is extremely concerned about the world that will be left for them by the generations before them. They have an opinion that they don’t shy away from expressing. Armed with the power of the Internet, they hold an influence today whether it is in society or within families to bring about a change. The recent protests by Gen-Z around the world driven by Greta Thunberg’s movement #Schools4ClimateChange and #FridaysforFuture are an indication of the growing concern in Gen-Z and their willingness to come out and question the powers that be about the action they are taking.


The largest 5000 urban-private schools within the most populated cities in India converge anywhere around 7.5 million households. Children in each of these 7.5 million households can influence how their families live. Educators & School Principals can ask their students to take up activities of making their families more sustainable and contributors in making our cities more liveable. Household structures today have been democratized and children hold a lot of influence in the decision-making process within homes. By turning each of these Gen-Z members into Solvers for building a better future, we can transform Gen-Z into a Generation of Solvers!


While the task may seem daunting for any Gen-Z individual, parent or educator reading this here is an easy way to do this!


We will provide you with a subscription to Adobe Spark.

We will provide you with a subscription to Adobe Spark.

Use the application to create a Poster/Webpage/Video about your own impact, and awareness campaign or the impact story of an unsung hero in your community.

Upload it with the tags #Create4SDGs and #AdobexWorldview or send it to us at info@worldview.global and the best 5 entries get a chance to visit the Adobe Centre in New Delhi and learn from their best!